Should You Study Cyber Security in College?

There’s a cyber war going on right now. Companies, high-worth individuals, and government organizations need people on the front line, battling back the myriad of cyber criminals trying to steal information, infiltrate networks, spread viruses, and cause all kinds of electronic mayhem through the Internet. We’re living in changing times. Computers are a vital component for communication and commerce. Everything is done electronically these days and employers are seeking qualified professionals to safeguard the systems that keep information and data moving and safe from those who would try to steal those resources for their own nefarious purposes.

You can be part of the solution. Getting a computer science degree will gain you access into this world and make you eligible for applying to the increasing number of job positions that are being posted each day around the world. There are a number of degrees to choose from, like a bachelor’s in computer science at Boston University to Maryville’s masters in cyber security, it all depends on where your career goals will take you.

Studying cyber security can be a lucrative and rewarding decision for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them:

Job Prospects are Good

With the proliferation of computers taking over the processes of just about everything these days, more employers need people to keep those processes working correctly and protect them from outside interlopers. That’s why the employment trends in this sector of information technology are forecast to increase by 91% in ten years since 2015. What it means is that there are plenty of job opportunities waiting once you graduate.

Better Pay

An increased demand for candidates equals compensation designed to attract more people to that field. The bottom line is you can be paid very handsomely to work in cyber security. Those applicants who have a degree on their resume can make even more at the top level, supervisory positions. A master’s degree, in particular, can increase your chances of getting hired at a prestigious organization with the potential to rise up the ladder in a short period of time.

Earning a Degree

Speaking of degrees, you’ll find that many of the job positions available are unattainable by those who do not have, at the very least, a bachelor’s degree. More than 80% of the postings in this industry come with that requirement. A master’s degree is important to almost one-third of prospective employers. Simply put, earning a degree is important for finding the job you want.

Educational Choices

If you don’t have a degree, it’s easier than ever to earn one. You don’t even have to go to a classroom to learn, you can do it on your own time through many online programs that are offered by different schools around the nation. Tuition costs are affordable too. It all depends on the program you select. Learning from home allows you to continue working in your current job and complete your courses on your time from home or anywhere you prefer to work online.